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Purposeful Movement

A program designed to stretch, strengthen, and elongate your body and mind. A masterfully curated class that is broken up into 5 easy to follow sections. Purposeful Warm Up, Stretching, Stability, Dynamic Movement, and Reflection. Each section is guided by TJ Tekurio, movement professional, and is designed for ALL ages and abilities, to be done in the comfort of your own home or in a contained space. Join the fun and practice each tip/movement on a regular basis to build a healthier body and mind.

                                             Mobility is Stability!

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A carefully curated 30 minute class, suitable for all ages, built to Dynamically move through your space with a mix of tempos, actions, and movement qualities. (Warm-up,Dynamic Movement, and Cool Down all incorporated) Let's strengthen our bodies and activate some fun.


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