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Conversations with TJ

Thank you VoyageMIA for featuring my journey, my craft, and my fondest memories.  Take a peek at this featured article and help support local artists in South Florida. EASE Podcast is available to listen wherever you listen to your podcasts and NEWLY ADDED to YOUTUBE! Link Below!

Welcome! I'm TJ Tekurio

Creator - Curator - Choreographer - Mentor - Teacher

I'm so excited to welcome you to the site. I am a Creator, Curator, Choreographer, Mentor, and Teacher from South Florida. My passions lie in all forms of Entertainment, where I have lived and breathed entertainment (and worked) for almost 30 years. Click the ME tab to find out more information about me, my past projects, and stay informed about all my future projects I have in store.


This is also the home of 2 incredible Entertainment Podcasts, EASE and TIdalWave. You can find information about the shows, stay up-to-date with current news and releases, and catch up on all past episodes. Click the EASE Podcast page to hear all released episodes and click on the TidalWave page to view all the recent shows. More content added weekly!                  


You can also find a list of Classes and Events I'll be hosting Virtually and In Person via the Classes/Events page. Register and check back often for more exciting dates to be posted.


Thank you for visiting and feel free to use the Contact page to ask any questions about myself, my classes/events, or either of the podcasts. Don't forget to Follow, Like, and Subscribe to all the social media platforms to also stay up-to-date!         


                                                         Thanks for joining in on the conversation!


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Purposeful Movement



Jan 28

Free movement class that elongates, stretches, and strengthens your mind and body! Mobility is Stability! Beginners encouraged. You don't need be an AvMed member. Suitable for all ages! Register for Zoom link

TidalWave-Episode 4 

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